Innovative, Cooperative, Open-Minded, Sharing

  Technological innovation: we are leading the industry by applying the most advanced technology into China’s commercial breeding.
  Conceptual Innovation: The sense of innovative development should be emphasized individually, timely and whenever.
  Strive excellency: Excellency is innovation developed above professionalism. Every task must be accomplished to perfection and precision. Dare to think, dare to do and dare to be. 

  External cooperation: Our win-win strategy will bring us the most extensive cooperative relationships.
  Internal Cooperation: team spirit, companionship, mutual benefit

  Be open to ideas and criticisms and be considering by standing in others’ shoes.
  Be understanding to cultural differences
  Respect the work of others, value knowledges, appreciate talent, embrace creativity.

  Enlighten Chinese seed industry with science and technological advancement of the world.
  Share the honor and wealth as the company develops; share the responsibilities and the hard work as the company grows.