Our industrialized double haploidy production can efficiently generate an annual output at 50-100 thousands.

  We employ a highly efficient commercial breeding system which regulates alleles during self-pollination for the designed for the current germplasm resources and the development of disease and stress resistance, more adaptive to mechanical harvesting and other qualitative and quantitative phenotypic characteristics.

  Our high-throughput molecular marking platforms can test over 0.5-1 million samples, applicable to crops like maize, wheat and soy, etc.

  We offer professionally customized molecular breeding method to accelerate the production.

  The species testing network consolidated by 9 shareholders contains over 500 experiment field in the Northeast in spring and North China in summer. 

  Our breeding information management software can perform in various crops breeding.

  Our unique market orientation and strategy make us the competent collaborator for seed enterprises.

Our professionalism and experience provides research institutes with the most efficient technology transfer approach. We look forward to making your business more successful!