1. Customized SNP chip service
Based on Affymetrix genotyping platform, we provide diversified SNP chip genotyping services, covering major field crops, vegetables and animal species such as corn, wheat, soybean, cattle, etc.

                                                Affymetrix GeneTitan®

To best serve client’s needs, SNP chip with different level of SNP density will be recommended.  The following chart illustrates the case of corn. Following chart illustrates using corn as an example.

2. High throughput genotyping
A. LGC® SNPline Platform
  Flexible workflow with different levels of throughput
  Cost effective
  Time saving
  Applicable by easy KASP SNP development

B. Douglas Scientific® Array TapeTM Platform
  Flexible, customization available, can handle 96- and 384-well plate.
  Effective, 200 microplate equivalents onto a compact reel containing 76,800 reaction wells, can handle at least three reels per time. 
  Lower cost, 800 nL reaction system in a 200 x 384 microplate equivalents
  Applicable to kinds of SNP assay such as KASP SNP and TaqMan SNP


3. Next Generation Sequencing
  De novo genome sequencing
  Genome re-sequencing
  RNA-Seq, Transcriptome Sequencing
  Genotyping-by-Sequencing, GBS
  SiRNA SequencingMeDIP-Seq

4. Data analysis
SNP data could be analyzed in different ways depends on your purposes, below is possible output of analysis.