Our capacity
  More than 1,500,000 genetic samples can be genotyped per year.
  More than 1 billion data points can be generated per year
  50,000 to 100,000 new corn DH lines can be created and evaluated per year.
•  More than 150 corn hybrids can be tested in the national registration green pass trials covering key spring and summer corn production provinces.

Consulting service
  Consultation on establishing or improving commercial breeding program in seed company.
  Consultation on establishing or improving field testing program
  Consultation on establishing or improving in-house Molecular Marker laboratory;
  High throughput marker or sequencing data analysis

Yield trials
  Field testing for new corn hybrids advancement and positioning in key corn production
  Cooperated with agronomix software to help plant breeders, crop breeders and agronomists increase their fields and their research in China

Seed purity testing and seed IP protection
  Seed purity test and standard DNA fingerprints comparison
  Seed IP identification
  GMO identification

Agri-Business IT and Database management
  Agri-Business Information Management Database Design and Implementation. 
  Big Data Analysis and Data Mining. We can apply various data mining technology on phenotype data, genotype data, field data, weather data and remote sensing image data in order to provide Agri-business solution.