China Golden Marker (Beijing) Biotech Co.Ltd.(CGMB) is a leading Agro-biotech company located in Beijing, China.

We have established a 3890 square meter molecular marker laboratory. Our lab offers services including high throughput SNP genotyping, Next Generation Sequencing, GMO testing, seed purity and authenticity test, germplasm resource innovation and evaluation, molecular breeding, Agri-IT and database management.

We had established long-term strategic R&D partnerships with research organizations such as National Maize Improvement Center, Institute of Crop Science of CAAS, and international leading biotech companies including Affymetrix and Thermo Fisher. Based on our co-operations, we obtained a series of genotyping array chips and functional markers. We provide state-of-art molecular marker based biotechnology services to the public and private breeding organizations worldwide. We strive to provide excellent services and consultation to the customers in order to enhance their scope and capacity in molecular breeding.

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